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Scott's Retiring?

What's going to happen to Artefacts?

Well, let me tell you.

a third of a century of the best in architectural salvage and eclectic design


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Sarah Richardson

is at it again!

We play a small but (we think) vital part.

Actually, the dining table was a pretty big part!


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The End of an Era

Shady Bill ? - 2015

All Hail Elsie

the new queen


On the Weekend ...

Cassie & Mark dropped in with a kind word and some of the best photos of Artefacts I've ever seen.


Heavy Duty Keyhole Hangers


See us in Action

People often wonder just what it is that we do here?

Have a look at this film and you'll get a sense of how weird and wild our rock 'n roll lifestyle really is.

With any luck, you'll see us in a series next year - that is, if Scott and I are still talking to each other!



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