We've all spent time looking for something and there's nothing like an informed nudge - even if you end up somewhere you never expected. Here are some links we make much use of and others we like to try from time to time.


Salvage Sites

Sometimes it's more important that you find it rather than that we sold it!

Balleycanoe & Co

Good early architecturals! A personal favourite of Scott and Chris snug in the most historical part of the province.

BD Salvage

New and exciting - and well placed.

The Door Store

The oldest in Canada and a must visit for top of the line architecturals!

Historic Lumber

Allan has been doing this for more than 3 decades and doesn't look to stop any time soon.


An inspiring source of architectural salvage and antique lumber just east of Toronto. Worth the trip!

Metropolis Living

Cool, cool stuff!

Post + Beam Reclamation

A jem in the Junction, this newer shop will dazzle.

Renovators Resource Inc

Maritime salvage with a smile - Alison culls from throughout the east coast provinces. You can even pick up a whole building!


There's no knowing what will turn up in Paul's truck - you just have to keep going back.

Timeless Materials

Another fine reason to visit the St Jacobs area for architecturals.

Antique Sites

Always something to find.

Dunlop Livery Antiques

No Heat, but you won't miss it because you're too excited.

Smiths Creek Antiques

One of the best reasons to visit Port Hope!

Stone House of Campbellville

Have you ever seen this much stained glass - "that's a nice one...ooh, look at that one...oh, my goodness...". Check it out.



"Good to knows"

The Bridge Studio

Beautiful glasswork beyond description. Have a look for yourself.

Robert Brown

Extraordinary glasswork found only in St Jacobs. We have collaborated many times in the past, each creation a study in individuality!


Thak's focus is the detailed forge work of armament and weaponry but is also our choice for repair on the pieces we find as well as the new designs we create.

Two Smiths

Wrought iron and coppersmithing combine to stunning effect

Stephen Fearing

Our favourite musician who comes around regularly but not too often. Make sure your speakers are turned on when you visit this site!

Old World Woodworking

Uli will take care of your special trim needs

Penny Gorman

We like Penny's work and think you will too.



Fine, fine, fine coffee!

Eco Cafe & Coffee Roastery

Fine, fine, fine coffee closer to the shop.

St Jacobs Village

The latest of all of our goings on.

St Jacobs

Most everything you wanted to know for your visit.

Waterloo Central Railway

Isn't this fun! One more way to get to Artefacts - or to get away if your car won't start (as long as you're going to Waterloo)!

White Rabbit

If you've not stopped in here, you can't imagine what you're missing - and it tastes good, too.