Grates are perhaps the most sought after item in our shop due partly to their practical application as table tops, grills for gates, trivets and even as "grates" for the floor. What a concept!


Almost invariably made from cast iron (the cheaper ones are sometimes of stamped steel), they are easily broken but will withstand much abuse if care is taken.


Floor Grates

Floor grates come with or without louvers (bolted on to the bottom and removable) and in a dizzying array of styles and sizes though rarely in modern size (4"x12"). Prices range according to design, size and condition.



Special Grates

Some grates like the one above stand out in a crowd. There are overly large grates, arched grates, circular grates as well as rare and beautiful patterns sought after by collectors. You want to keep your eyes pealed for the occaisional sighting!


Wall Grates

There was a time when we couldn't give these babies away but times have changed and people are restoring houses where wall grates are used.

Wall grates can be found in cast iron as well as stamped steel usually finished with a burnished copper plate. Prices and sizes range as you might expect.