Decorative trim work can set one house apart from all the rest. With this in mind, Vicrorian home owners attempted to out do one another with the zeal of a recent convert! Thank goodness for them.

Here are some fresh finds from the London, Ontario area. All pieces are pine in paint but could be stripped or overpainted if the "as is" finish doesn't suit.


The Snowflake

Two large and heavy corner gables that we've put back to back for effect. The lower half is decorative on both sides but not the top.

98"w x 117"h - $1100/pr

Small Fan

This cute little gable came from the same house as the big one to the right but would fit almost anywhere!


Big Fan

The simple beauty of this design is so tellingly from London, ON. Measuring 9 feet across and 4 1/2 feet high, this would make an incredible headboard!



Very graceful, these two are double sided. The white parts measure 66"w x 50"h together.



A grand arch with gothic detailing, these can be seen from both sides.

90"w x 60"h - $875/pr