Decorative Trim

Years ago, we acquired a great number of boxes from Kitchener, Ontario, filled with wood composition trim details. Made by pressing powdered wood mixed with hide glue into carved molds, these pieces were originally created to ornament furniture. The bits dated from the 1920s to the 1950s and had never been used. They were packed into the boxes for storage with no order whatsoever. Pieces came out as the boxes were opened.

Just as we were beginning to run out of the wood composition, we came across a boat house in Meaford, Ontario filled with detailed plastic bits of the same nature. Made in England in the 1960s, these pieces too, had been packed into whatever box was handy. So, once again, as we open new boxes, new pieces show up.

The wood composition pieces will take stain or can be painted while the plastic bits can be painted or left as they are. Given their age, both items have become brittle so we recommend pre-drilling at strategic points for nailing and gluing. The wood comp will disintegrate in water over time but can be steamed to flatten while the plastic can be muscled about after heating in the microwave or hot water.

There are too many sizes and styles to list (not to mention lack of order) but we do have them in drawers in whatever quantities we find. Prices range from $.25 to $12 per piece. A project waiting to happen!