Ceiling tin was commonly used on buildings dating from 1890 to 1920 - often to cover up a gammy ceiling (fire damage, water damage, animal damage) which makes taking it out a real adventure. Today, it's re-used as ceilings, kitchen backsplashes, door panels, headboards or simply framed as art. The patterns, colours and patina stretch the imagination. Here are some examples of panels we have had.

Framed Urns


Framed Frieze


Single Urn



Framed Tin

These panels feature salvaged tin from around Ontario set into wooden frames. The frames themselves are put together out of trim culled from demolished houses.

Sometimes we leave the tin the way we find it, sometimes we over paint and rub it back. What ever tickles our fancy.

Sizes vary, prices vary but usually fall in-between $45 and $195.


Vertical Frieze

White Repeat



Here are some examples of other "as found" tin in our stocks.