Artefacts Shelves

We've been making shelves since Adam met Eve. With stocks of unusual trim from the inside and outside of many houses, we create mantels, clock shelves, headboards and much more. Style, size, shape and colour are almost unlimited!


Fan Shelf

Two fan brackets from a nifty house in London, ON come together to make this "Fan Shelf" which measures, roughly 66"w x 26"h.

Put it beside your claw foot tub to hold your tumbler of whiskey and those scented candles.



I hung this shelf up last night, went home and dreamed of drinking blood. When I got up, I couldn't see myself in the mirror.

I thnk I'm better now but that Gothic era is hard on a guy.


Hook Shelf

All the parts, yet to be put together. In the end, this shelf finished black rubbed back to a little red and looked fantastic!


Acanthus Tin Bracket (Sold)

Black Cutwork Shelf (Sold)

Pendant Shelf (Sold)

Cast Iron Shelf -Sold

Barge Shelf (Sold)

Tri Bracket Shelf (Sold)


We make shelves to order so if you see something you like, there's a good chance we can put it together for you!


Carved Shelf (Sold)

Peg Shelf (Sold)

Piano Shelf (Sold)

Scrollwork Shelf (Sold)

Seascape Shelf $125

Swag Shelf (Sold)

Small Bracket Shelf (Sold)

Angel Shelf (Sold)

Grouping (Sold)

Porch Frieze Shelf $175