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Updated Apr 20th, 2022

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Yes, that's one big door

Just 8" smaller than the largest door we've ever had, this one measures 72" x 88" x 1 3/4".

Mitchell feels diminished. Available



Welcome - to my little loft space


Not too many homes will have the room to house this set at roughly 68" x 120" x 1 3/4". Made from pine with pattern etched glue chip glass featuring a stylized fleur-de-lis, these doors once served an office space in downtown Toronto, c1880.

Delicate, despite their size and in great condition. Sold.



Holy Moly


These doors are as sensational as they are heavy! Solid oak and stained glass from 1890s Toronto in superior condition.

54" x 99" x 2 1/4". Sold



Italianate Identity


a dramatic porch salvaged from an 1880s house in downtown Kitchener. Four posts and four arches featuring sunburst carvings.

For sale as a set.




I Said Pretty

and Mithcell thought I was talking about him.

One of two matching front doors that just arrived roughly 34" x 82". Sold



Artefacts Will Open Wednesday - Saturday

from 10 - 5

Otherwise by chance - a call ahead is advised

519 664-3760

Limited to 6 clients at any one time. Please wear a mask.



Stolen from friends down the street. If this gate comes your way, please do the right thing.



Interior Shutters

Stripped pine interior shutters from the Niagar Penninsula - c1840. Designed to fold back into te wall and disappear - really cool.

43" x 77" as a group. Sold



Horsing Around

From Tiviotdale - rare, rustic, folky and available - Sold.



A Window To Your Dreams

A headboard that none of your neighbours has.



Industrial Dynamic

Eye catching to say the least - industrial patterns for casting.


The big one is almost 6 feet across - just to give a sense of scale..



How To Hide A Fence

Random Shutters - we have a few too many - distract the eye.


Add some planter boxes and you're done.



Door knobs of Distinction

Oak knob sets from an 1895 house - rare and charming


Multiple sets which is even more rare!




Winter 2020




Fall's Finds



More Updates



A Long List Of Updates

I've ignored the website for a bit too long so here is a snapshot of what we've been doing lately.



Cedar Rails

Become the pioneer you tell everyone you are with a bunch of 10 foot rails from an 1850s farm.



This Just In - well, next week, anyway.

Cast iron balcony iron from Quebec, c1890. Some pretty clean, some covered in Thrills Gum purple.



Scott's Retiring

What's happening to Artefacts?




Chris Finally Hooked Us Up To Instagram


It's A Boy

Artefacts Salvage & Design is proud to announce the arrival of a healthy baby boy to Mitchell and the lovely Alexa.

Although names like Scott or Chris come heavily recommended, it is believed neither will be picked




Three cast iron firebacks recently removed from a house in downtown Toronto, c1905. More typically found in much earlier houses, these firebacks not only projected the heat of the fire but protected the brick from too much heat.

More importantly, in this house, they harkened back to a medieval era - when things were just great.



Derwent Door Lot

A great set of 12 doors c1860 in painted pine.

6 @ roughly 36" x 84

6 @ roughly 34" x 82"


St Marys Door Lot

Also a great set of doors - only 14 of them, this time. Painted pine c1870.

All but one roughly 33" x 81".


Big Barn Rollers

Hangin in - 16" x 5 1/2" Sold




Deceptively simple, this painted pine mantel from Derwent, ON dates to the 1860s but is more typical of earlier Georgian designs which emphasize strong lines and earthy form. Sold



This Guy

Yes, any of you who know him will find this hard to believe but Scott did once rent graduation robes. See more Scott photos on his Instagram Page




Detail of the stained glass window adorning the front door of what was once the family home of the Grobe Nursery family in Waterloo.




There's a reason high Gothic style has withstood the test of time. Despite more than a thousand years of use, it still inspires awe and wonder. These windows were once part of All Saints Anglican Church in downtown Hamilton (1872) and are now looking for a new venue to command attention. Sold



Coffee for Goths

We bought this ironwork from France about 15 years ago, kept it, sold it, bought some back and have made this pretty little coffee table with it. Originally low cast iron fencing, it now supports a top made from locally sourced barn board.



Concept To Creation

Okay, it's not a napkin but this is a sketch Scott made for a table idea he once had based on porch elements salvaged about 8 years ago.

Today, Al picked up the finished dining table and, when they got it set up, Melissa showed everyone how to use it.




We hung this mirror - made from a c1900 playbill cabinet found outside a theatre in Bucharest, Romania - on our vestibule wall 14 years ago and fought off weekly appeals to sell it ever since.

Well, you win. We hid it for a few months to clear the board and now it's available. It measures roughly 32" wide x 40" tall.

Good luck.



Child Prodigy

Scott has always been into antiques and his gift for buying was discovered at an early age when he managed to purchase this baptismal font from the priest at the end of his own ceremony. Not only had he yet to learn to speak but, unfortunately, he had corrupted his swaddling.


Before And After And After

Years ago (15?), we got this baptismal font and promptly sold it. About 2 months ago, we bought it back and promptly sold it. Now it adorns a rooftop deck where it will soon be taken over by this mandevilla.




Nothing snappy to say ... just a great piece.





Possibly the last of the bridge girder bases we'll be able to make is here used below heavily figured oak to make a solid (and weighty) dining table.

43" x 96" x 30"









Handsomely grained oak on a metal base we had fashioned from salvaged I-beams.

39 1/2" x 84" x 30"




A different story in the grain every dinner!


Surprisingly light - or heavy - depending on who's lifting it.





Take a Virtual Tour



Table One - Table Two

Salvaged pine on top of a "something" a cylinder of metal with open slats in the sides. I don't know what it was but it has made a great coffee table. 33 1/2" x 14"


Favourite flavor cherry red - one of two live edge tables in cherry on heavy metal bases that we sent off yesterday to New York State - some party house in the hills, no doubt.


Not Everything Is For Sale

A shot of some hand hewn beams we brought in for fireplace mantels - they're for sale.

The tall drink of water standing in front is already taken.


Painted Glass

These 3 painted panels are remnants of a larger window that once graced Eglinton United Church in Toronto. The soldier stood atop the panel on the right while a sailor stands on the other side.



Urn Handles - Good and Bad


Age Of Elegance

Helping Scott clean up, we came across these urn handles - cast iron, c1880 - that he'd hidden away. Though a ferocious animal, these lions almost appear apologetic. Scott's the one who should be apologetic - for hiding them.


Kinda Scary

This urn handle - also cast iron, c1880 - by contrast to the lions, is more menacing. It's the sort of urn handle you wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley. Luckily, it's from Goderich where dark alleys were prohibited.






Scott's Gone Mad

Yes, I convinced him to part with some of his bracket collection. These brackets are decorative and small - suitable for small shelves, mantels or for lording them over your friends who didn't find any. It's up to you.




Eve Or Morning (Dove)

We recently came across a whack of these cast aluminum eaves trough brackets. They're expertly crafted and in excellent condition but how many of us needs a 6" wide eaves trough?

I turned mine upside down and hung my Niger seed feeder from it.





Hooked Rugs

A collection of about a dozen hooked rugs from the 1930s.

How would you like to wake up to this at the kitchen sink every morning?

This one is for getting naked in front of the fire, kicking your heals up and having a friend take your picture.

The person who made this had likely never seen a parrot.

Maple leaves and bark - quintessential Canada.



The College of St Paul's at University of Waterloo asked us to make a sculpture for them from the fragments of a favourite spruce tree that had to come down for a new building. For years, it served as their Christmas Tree and will be sorely missed. But the tree lives anew in this sculpture located in the new building.

Slices of the original tree were cut and combined with oxidized copper produced at Two Smiths in Kitchener.


Since the piece was 9 feet in diameter, we made it in two sections and put it together on site.


Here we mounted it on the wall and stood around admiring it - feeling pretty good about ourselves.




Our New Sign




Chris Away, Scott Will Play 08/12
We're on Film 05/12

New Screws!

We have a Winner! 061/6


Scott's Latest Truck Load 04/11

Artefacts Joins Facebook 03/11

Funky Restaurant Bits Fall into Our Lap 03/11

Chris Vows to Update Website Regularly 10/09

Shop Carts 04/09
Shady Bill Joins Rock Band for World Tour 01/06

Biggest Table Ever

John and Amy have large parties with a lot of friends and sometimes even have their family over ...


They asked us to build them a super large table and here it is. 52" wide, 16 feet long with two bridge girder iron bases.


It's so big, I couldn't get a proper picture and, at about 1400 lbs, we hope that John and Amy don't ask us to make another!




A detail on a framed piece of ceiling tin that Scott just brought out. The main panel looks so unassuming but, after you study it for a while, the hair on the back of your neck starts to stand and then you see it!



Fur Dalyce ...

A new house, a new need. A table for the masses.

Live edge walnut with forged metal base.

Good morning Chris and Scott,

Our daughter and family left yesterday and this past week has been very busy.

But I wanted to say how well our kitchen table worked out! It is absolutely beautiful and I received many compliments on our stunning table.

Thank you for such a wonderful piece of furniture and for delivering it in time for my family's arrival. I am very pleased and you both did an excellent job from the moment I walked in, with Chris explaining everything to Scott's workmanship!
Excellent teamwork.


More Tables



Work To Rule

Andrew asked us to whip up something quickly to measure his kids since they keep eating and growing and he doesn't know where it's going to stop. We guessed at 6' 2".


Here's the whole thing - pine granary board, sanded and varnished with an applied vinyl decal.


Big Brackets

It's not that they're so big but they've got a lot of body. Great for a wall mounted desk or to put between two teenagers so they can't touch each other.




Double Vision

Simple but bold, these double doors came off a well proportioned house in Princeton dating to 1875.

48" x 95 /2" - $695

More front doors


Cribbage Table

Crafted from a rare flattened barn beam, this cribbage board gave us fits of trouble but, as Chris has never scored a 29 and has only so much life left to do so, he thought it might appease the gods.


Many, many holes

Three hundred and seventy nine.

The Classic Course

Cribbage boards come in many variations but we prefer the classic route so we can better contemplate the way Sir John Suckling (inventor of the game) died in 1641 - some say gobbled up by the inquisition, some suicide but we prefer the knife fight in a bar.


Giant Pegs

okay, not so huge but waaaaaay bigger than normal.


The Run Home

Even at a penny a point, Chris is still paying off past debts.


Over The Top - Literally


Plaster brackets like these usually adorned arches and doorways. As you walked beneath them, you would look up and benefit from their drama.

Scott made these - about 9" x 8" x 20" - based on an original we took from an 1880s house in Goderich.


Trestle Table

This beauty will spend a few days on the showroom floor before being picked up. When Scott finishes a table like this, he gets giddy and wants to dance on it in stocking feet. I manage to keep him off of most of them.


More Tables



One of a number of new doors

Downton Penguin Door

Not so much an allusion to the bird as the tasteful formality that comes with evening wear. This proud door and its high drama are softened by age and cracking.

I'd love to enter this door every day.

More front doors


Our Hours Are Changing!

As of October 1st, our new hours will be

Wednesday - Saturday 10 - 5

Monday and Tuesday by chance.


Douglas Fir

Removed from the University of Waterloo, these douglas fir planks were once benches and shelves. The first shot shows the 1/4 cut wood with its finish removed while the shot to the right is the same plank with its as found varnish (and gum).

In the middle, you see a 1/2 truck load of what turned out to be a 3 1/2 truck load of planks.

1" x 9" x 48" - $15 each


Rachel & Adam Dropped In

on Sept 19th and posted a kind and thoughtful blog post of what we do.


Scott's Trippin'

Dundas, Ancaster and Guelph where he just installed this headboard.

What ... ? What did you think I meant?

More Beds



Before and After Best

Matt just sent us these shots of his front door and the trim he got from us to outfit it anew. Not bad at all.


City Line Was Here

It's already aired but you can watch it on their website.


Super Big Brackets Galore

We have about 25 of these babies, at the moment. I'm thinking of painting them up like chess pieces.


One More ...

A proud older home next on the chopping block. Handsome doors and a beautiful main stair hall were not enough to save this lady.


Sweeping down for breakfast - you, every day - eggs Benedict.



Strikingly large but still manageable for the average home, these two frames would make fantastic mirrors - just what you need for your morning shave.


Where to Store Your Giraffe ...

So, you've got something tall to pack away but where do you find the doors to hide it? Now, for a short time only, Artefacts has just what you need.

At 35" wide x 101" tall each, these two paris should should just cover it.

If you look very closely, you can just see Scott standing in front of the shutters. Either he's "representin" or his back is itchy.

$495/ set


Very Individual

In the era of conspicuous and repeated ornamentation that was "Victorian", someone bucked the trend and designed a unique piece.

Oak, c1900 Waterloo. $2400

Hemlock Parquet

Detail of a recent table top - thin slices of hemlock beam ends set together and framed by hemlock barn floor.



Industrial Console Table

Powerful form and striking lines define this console that Scott just designed. The base is cast iron from a machine that made (insert your favourite thing here) and a maple butcher block top.

58" x 15" x 33 1/2" - $925


A Bit Of Local History

Not as early as the recently unearthed corrugated road but nifty enough, this fanning mill was made in good ol' Berlin, ON, and was painted, as tradition holds, the blush-pinky tone of hard work!


Millbank Flooring

Pine flooring, ranging in width from 5" - 7" from a charming old house near Millbank.

$800 square feet.


Simply built in the 1850s, everything from this house was gone but the flooring.

Clear pine, all de nailed.

The best part of the job - the chain saw!


Green Briar Flooring

Pine flooring from a very pretty house near Green Briar, ON.

700 square feet - 5" wide x 1 1/4" thick


Big and beautiful, this house would have made a statement in it's day (c 1870s)

This gives you a good sense of what the finished flooring looks like.

This portion was never painted.


Dynamic Duo

Them's mighty powerful doors - just in from a house c1870 near Green Briar, ON. Roughly 60" x 84".


Inspiration and Interpretation Lead to Reflection

Scott took these shots of a local house we are about to salvage and sent them to our friend John at Balleycanoe & Co.

John's creations remind us why we love this job.


Live Edge Conference Table


Just finished, this walnut conference table is made from two live edge planks out of Waterloo set atop a pair of cast iron bridge girder bases.

Heavy, man.



More Tables


Less Than Meets The Eye

A handsome door, to be sure but don't let the elegant glass fool you. It's silicone and yours to do with as you will.

34 x 81 1/2 - $325


New Doors - Old Doors

A smattering of the new arrivals.


The Swiss Watch Exploded


Laura's Vanity & Mirror

Just finished, Laura's vanity and mirror are made from hemlock granary board and "rusted" tin.

The boards were soft sanded, stained and finished with a satin varnish so that they're lovely to touch and clean but still textured for that touchy feely moment.

The mirror

More Furniture


They Actually Glow

Scott just picked up these pilasters that once graced a church in Quebec. Original white with gilding that shines like fire in the light.

Carved and constructed in the early 1900s and found at a lovely shop called Balleycanoe run by our friends John and Molly just outside of Mallarytown. You can link to them from our links page.


Egyptian Tiles

Susan just had her house reviewed in House and Home and sent me this link because she picked up a whack of Egyptian Floor Tiles for her back splash and likes them rather a lot.

Susan's Nifty Reno


Step By Step ...

We got this non-de script door from Romania a few years ago. Cool, but fairly plain. Then ...


I started to strip it and ... what's this?


Hand painted floral designs in pretty hues hidden under the blah paint.


Kept going and ... wha!

Stay tuned for the result.


Strong Like Bull

This table base is the beginning of a dining table for a local couple. Very heavy, riveted iron from a local bridge reworked to mimic the owner's interest in "v" neck sweaters.

The top will be made from salvaged lumber in a scale suitable to the base.


The Makings ...

Scott has put a number of these together for tables but hasn't gotten any further because he can't decide whether to have this at the bottom or the top.

Then, he came across some date squares and forgot all about it.

More Tables


Porch Frieze Bar

Years ago, we put this together for the bar of a restaurant that failed even before it opened! These things happen. I just found it hidden behind the spray booth.

Designed to sit on top of a bar and run either straight across for 16 feet or turn back at each end for 3 feet with a 10 foot front, this grouping is guaranteed to be free of any bad Karma.



Coffee Table

This table, made from the basement door of a demolished house near Petrolia, will be picked up tomorrow.

The various layers of paint were scrubbed to remove whatever had to come off and the result was waxed and buffed into submission. The legs are planks of T&G lumber culled from a train yard.

MF, for whom the table was made, plans to dance on it in front of her in-laws


Keys to the World

Or, rather, keys from the world. Some of a recent collection lovingly put together over the years.

Start your own collection or ... get 're done in one fell swoop!


The Homiest Door

There's something about this door that screams "Mom and home baked Pie. I expect is the quilted panels; perhaps the pale blue tone. Then again, it could be that I'm just hungry and too lazy to get myself anything.


More Front Doors


Trestle Table

Salvaged barn board - comfortably seats ten.

More Tables


Play Things

These pieces were once made with all due gravity but now, long removed from a local church, they serve to inspire in other ways.

Just what to make with them, now?


Carpenter Lock Strikers

If you know what a Carpenter Lock is, you'll know how hard these are to find. Like any salvaged lock, the striker is often left behind, making the lock somewhat useless.

Carpenter locks, used in Upper Canada from the early 1830s to 1850s, were hand made with a very particular striker - meaning not just anything will do.

Here are some reproduction strikers in lefts and rights, various sizes.

$65 each

More Reproduction Hardware



Many Mirrors

Some old, some new - all fun.


Cast stone and Japanese glass.


Cast iron in grand design.


Live Edge Console Table

The top is live edge walnut, the shelf below live edge maple but the body is cherry we cut from some 1860s barn braces we had - gorgeous wood.

Though its hard to see in the photos, each leg has a soft arc running from the top to bottom to ease the eye and Margaret added the quarter point details under the top - a surprise when you come across them.

More Tables


Industrial Windows

These came in while Chris was camping in Algonquin Park. Due to the rain, Chris looks a bit rusty like these windows but, in both cases, there's still plenty of life left in them.



Early 6 Over 6 Windows

I know most people aren't heading this direction but you might be trying to put old windows BACK into your house. What a concept!

Here are three complete units removed from a mid 1850s house west of Paris, ON about 40 years ago. Other than a couple of broken panes, they are in excellent shape and would fit in a rough frame of 40" x 70".

The window lying down is the inside; the other shows the outside.


Not Old But Salvage, Nonetheless

These live edge walnut planks came from a very large tree in Waterloo. Measuring roughly 24" wide, 2" thick and 14 feet long, they would make an incredible conference table or dining table of note.

Air dried for about a year, they are now at the kiln for a final drying. Call us if you have a use for them.



Hemlock Vanity

Just finished, this little piece is made from 1" hemlock boards taken from a local barn. The lumber was cleaned and soft sanded to retain its original texture. Only the vessel sink is missing.


Lightning Rods

Twisted Pluto






Five Finger Fork




A rare find, these wacky rods are a testament to the design put into a device that now seems quaint but, at the time, saved lives. Without these, houses and barns were in constant threat of lightning strikes but the drama of these two rods was pure style.

Twisted Pluto - $495

Five Finger Fork - $375


Roof Cresting

Despite being prone to damage, cast iron roof cresting has an undeniable allure. These pieces are fragments of the ornamental fencing found on the tops of bay windows and roof crests. Each was broken in some way and we've cropped them - playing with the design.

Which one works best for you?



Lately used for massive corn roasts, this heavy, cast iron pot is big enough to use as a bathtub!



Mechanical Gauges

Scott picked these up about a year ago, stared at the in his studio (for inspiration) until finally mounting them on some blocks and setting them free.

Give them a home. $95 each.


Bold Blue Brackets

Say that three times quickly!

Great brackets - wild colours. $95 each.


Sneak Peak

Here's something we're working on. The sturdy iron base is made from a bridge girder, heavily riveted. It weighs about 200 lbs.

On top, you see a 36" x 84" hemlock top destined for someone else but it shows how great a dining table or conference table this could be.

We can make 3 of these so they won't last long. Size and colour are open to your needs (within reason).

More Tables


Salvage Hunters Beware

People often want to know how fun our job must be - hunting for salvaged treasures. Mostly, it's fun but ... here's a shot of your typical demo from the outside - where I wish I could have stayed.

The second shot shows the feces and the trim work chewed by the rats that infested the second story. The rates stayed on the second floor to avoid the 18 cats and 2 dogs living on the main floor.

The third shot is the light switch in the kitchen - imagine the greasy browny-green seen here on everything - EVERYTHING - on the main floor and you start to get the idea.

Once a high Victorian home with elaborate hardware, double doors, carved newel posts and decorative trim, this house was a complete write-off because some smells just don't go away.

Corner Blocks Galore!

So many choices! Carved wood corner blocks from 1840 - 1915.


Fresh Fodder

A recent rash of table making has produced these three coffee tables and one that might make a great island.

All on a whim - all ready to go.

More Tables


Kitchen Table

Small but sure, this roughly 3' x 4' table top is made from hemlock barn floor and pine barn braces for legs.

I don't know why but, all of a sudden, I feel like whipping up some multi-grain bread.

Something like this would run $950.

More Tables


Batch O Barn Board

Scott bought this great collection of barn board for a client and they've backed out - it happens. Happily, this means that it's available!

12" wide and up to 13 feet long, the boards have a lovely light grey tone with remnant red periodically peeking through.

About 700 square feet - $6/foot.



Well, after years of finishing off my tins then scrambling to find more - no one seems to carry it - I found a supplier and brought in my own whack of Briwax. I currently have 10 tones from which to choose.

If you've used it, you know. If you haven't, trust me. You'll like it.

$30/tin - tax included.


Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Big and Beautiful. At 4' x 10' with its wrought iron base, this table means business.

You clean it by taking a running dive on a beach towel.

Want to see more?



Just in time for spring planting, these tin planters were rescued from a fire damaged shop and have the perfect aged patina. The verdict is split between those who love them as is and those who tell me just how to clean them up so they're shiny again.



Chalkboard Plus

Just finished this really big and heavy chalkboard for Emily. She opted to have it picked up rather than take it herself since it's about 4 1/2' x 6 1/2' and 200 lbs

The frame is pine flooring from an 1850s house and a sculpted length of salvaged trim makes a fine chalk rail.



Sunny Sunday Surprise

I showed up to work today and one of our connections was waiting for me with these in hand. The patio furniture isn't too old but darling. The cart could use another top but has the advantage of being slightly taller than most for your coffee table needs.


Blue Jars


We've had lots of these before but never such a variety of names, patterns and disfigurements! For all your contemporary canning needs or whatever else it is you do.

$15 - $20


First Doors of Spring

Very Pretty with some minor repair.


This is one of many that just arrived. See More.


This Just in ...

Our first buy of the spring and Blanche, our new van, has done us proud. It's hard to believe but all of that (plus two people) was once inside the vehicle.



Want to see it in detail?



Rubbed and Scrubbed and Ready for Bed

Two crackly fun doors flank a heavy church door from Woodstock that we distressed to compliment the set.

They're being picked up today so I thought I'd better get a shot.

More Beds


Green Shop Cart

This old fangled shop cart just came in. The main bed is 64" x 30" and stands 13 1/2" high. $325

I don't think it will last too long, here.

More Industrial Stuff


Wellesley Front Door

If you're looking for a top notch, late Victorian front door, you can't go wrong here.

While many a wood grain paint finish looks little better than thin mud slapped on a door, whomever finished this door had reasonable skill. Even better, this door has lived a protected life and is in excellent condition. It won't stay here long.

33 1/2" x 82" - Sold

More Front Doors




The End of an Era

Shady Bill

? - 2015

New Mirrors

One of a number of new mirrors recently issued from the studio. This one features acanthus leaf tin panels set into the frames of an old storm window.

More Mirrors


Oval Mirror

A handsome door is an even more handsome mirror.

What once adorned a 1920s Kitchener home now can let you know just how great you look on your way out to that fancy dress dust-up

More Mirrors


Live Edge Walnut

Scott just finished dressing this walnut table top so I thought I'd put it in the showroom for a while. It will be gone soon and it would be a shame not to show it off for a while.

At 10' x 4', it dwarfs the office where we leaned it. To give you a sense of scale, the blue piece at the bottom is about 3' high.


Butcher Block Bench

20 solid blocks of hemlock beam salvaged from a local barn make up this hearty bench.

The striations of grain on the sides contrast charmingly the swirling rounds of the end grain on top

Roughly 70" x 14" x 17" (and something like 200 lbs.)


More Tables


New Space

It took me three shots to figure out what wasn't right - then I removed the ladder

Like a fire extinguisher in an art gallery - no one's quite sure what it represents but they're open to ideas.


Big Wheel

About 5 feet across - good and heavy!

More Industrial



Winter Sun

Pretty - pretty early in the morning.


Chunky Little Bench

This came in last week and I can't decide whether it's too crude or just crude enough.


Another New Space

A 17' x 15' blank wall and 300 square feet of empty floor ... where do you start?

This is where we are - for now.


The Early Stages ...

of the new hardware area.


Elm Slice

This morning, Scott showed up with a number of these slices in his car and a smile on his face. He was dreaming of the Elvis photos he was going to glue onto the face of the wood.

I had a better idea - anything else - just not that.

2 1/2" thick and about 24" across. Growth rings number somewhere around 80. They're trees so they need time to dry.

$95 each


Pantry Cupboard

The complete cupboard in place.

Want to know more?


Inside the truck.


Live Edge Lumber

Just off the truck, this collection of live edge walnut, cherry and chestnut came from a defunct woodworking shop. It's kiln dried and nicely aged - great for coffee tables, benches or what have you.

Call for pricing.


More tables


Kitchener Door

If this door had beveled glass, I'd swoon. Safe for now!

33 1/2" x 83" - c1930


More Doors


Industrial Pallet Table

This shot from the most recent Benjamin Moore Colour Trends Guide features a coffee table made from a mahogany pallet, used in the cement industry, laid atop a "rusty" metal frame.

Roughly 43" x 55" x 18"

If you like what you see, talk to us. This could be yours for $895.

More Tables


Two for One

We split this 4 panel door up the middle to make a pair of doors for a powder room where the large swing was impossible. If you look closely, you can see the bead we added at the split so it looks like a decorative touch rather than a crack.

To keep the doors closed, we added a heavy, forged hook and eye and the original scrubby finish of the door was lightly brushed and rubbed with a mat varnish.


Enough to make your Head Spin

It's taken me a while to think about what to say here. I thought I had calmed down but, each time I see the photo of an 1870s cast iron fence destroyed at the Guelph Civic Museum, my bile turns dark.

After nearly 30 years dealing in Architectural Salvage, I'm no stranger to wanton waste and have routinely seen familiar buildings "disappeared" but, with few exceptions, this is done by those lacking any regard for things past, those unaware of an alternative or those looking to slip something by.

What excuse here?

A Wall of Work

Scott stands beside a series of cabinets that will be joined to form a pantry 10' wide x 8" high. He has much painting to do.

Old tin ceiling panels are framed with salvaged pine and carved elements to form a whole new creation.


Barn Board Bed

That's easy to say three times fast but people around you will get really annoyed.

If you're lucky, you'll get sent to your room where you can hang out with your nifty headboard! This one is sold but we could make you another - $525.


Eastlake Dandy

Walnut face on a pine body.


The other night, Scott bought this pretty little credenza that once serviced a retail space in Bridgeport, ON. Penciled on the pack of one drawer is "made in March 1891".




I'm trying to work this into my home but, until I find a spot, I guess it's available.

73" x 22" x 31" - Sold


Act Now ...

Yes, buy this classic Moffat Stove - perfect for those big Christmas functions -


... and

you'll get this mini version for those more intimate occasions


Flywheel Console

This recently completed table is sold but we currently have the bits to make a couple more, if you should find yourself in need.

Salvaged pine around a cast iron wheel from a threshing machine found outside St Jacobs.


More Tables


Ten Years Ago ...

Scott was less gray, less covered in paint and Shady Bill was as fat as a pin cushion!


Just in Time for Winter...

Quarter cut oak, c1900 - in lovely condition

61" x 84" - $2700

More Mantels


Dundas Mantel

we got this a couple of days ago from a mid 1880s house under renovation.

Pine. Comes with a decorative insert but not the summer plate.

61 x 50 - $925

More Mantels


Stall Divider Coffee Table

This baby is leaving today for a party tonight. From what I understand, there will be dancing and champagne so we made sure the finish was strong enough for all likelihoods! Stilettos are its only weakness.

The top is a stall divider from the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, sanded and varnished. It sits atop a heavy, angle iron leg base and the whole thing is roughly 46" x 56".

I think we can only do another 10 of these so, if you simply must have one darling, let us know.


More Tables


Before and After Tin Headboard

These tin ceiling panels once adorned the interior of a commercial space in Paris, ON and date to roughly 1900.

The first shot shows the three when they arrived, laid out as a possible headboard.

The second shot shows the three cleaned, painted and framed for a king size bed.

What a difference! 29" x 77" - $525


Boards the colour of the Union Jack

Various planks that once sheathed outbuildings on local farms now stand ready for their second like as headboards, table tops, garden gates and mirror frames.

These 1" thick boards range in width from 5" to 15" and sell for $5 - $7/board foot.


The Sad Story of the Seaforth Hotel

Burned - a few weeks ago.

Like many of these places, much of the original material was long gone but we did find some beautiful stair spindles and a whack of tin ceiling.


Hemlock Barn Flooring

Freshly washed, this 2" thick lumber will make many an excellent table top!

Now, where shall I put it so that I can use my truck again?


$@%^%^#$# Big Table

We're delivering this $@$#%#$% big table this afternoon and kind of wish it was already done. 42" x 148" and really heavy - pine and hemlock salvaged from a local barn.

To clean: spray with cleaner, grab a beach towel, take a run and do your best superman dive. With practice, flying off the end will be less common.

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Metal Shop Carts

These four carts came in the other day and I'd like to see them go - Scott has been threatening to strap one to each foot and relive his glory days at the roller rink!

$200 each.


Heavy Duty Keyhole Hangers

We're often asked to hang very large and heavy things on people's walls - most often hand hewn beams for fireplace mantels. This requires special hardware.

Not finding anything commercially available, we went ahead and made our own.

Cut from 7/32" steel, these keyhole hangers measure 2" x 3" and are designed to accommodate a lag bolt coming out from the wall. Counter sunk into the back of whatever you want hung, they will not bend and will hold more than you ever thought possible!


More Hardware

Capitol Theatre Columns

These 3/4 columns were once engaged against the walls wrapping the inside of the Capitol Theatre in downtown London, ON. the facade of the building still exists but the rest is gone.

Did you enjoy some form of entertainment at that theatre? Perhaps you would like a memento?

Pine - various heights - $95 each


She Loves It!

Shirl asked us to make her a door for her new space.

We took some attic flooring and used the underside, soft sanded and pickled with a wash. Hinges from Lee Valley were beefed up and extended to accompany the medieval style knob set (c1925) and a hand forged slip bolt (c1845).

I wish that were my space.



Slipped up where the joists meet the foundation, we found these bottles that once offered medicines of various sorts - tinctures, potions, elixirs, beer, whiskey and gin.

Something for all your complaints!


Italianate Mirror

I don't know when Scott snuck this into the showroom but, there it is. A very pretty setting on the dusty rose door.

29" x 34" - $395

More mirrors

Grays Double Doors

The best part of an otherwise frightening house, these doors are in need of some TLC but will definitely come around.

Scott, also in need of some TLC is not necessarily a safe bet.


More Front Doors


Cut from a very large vaulting truss in an Anglican church, this 24" diameter mirror has a robust quality




The outer frame is 2" thick hemlock barn flooring. Inset, around the mirror is weathered hemlock for a lovely contrast.

$350 - $450

More Mirrors


Vestibule Doors

Picked these up last night. Vestibule doors from downtown Hamilton - pine, c1890.

At some point, the original glass was etched with a questionable pattern. Unfortunately, or not, one pane was broken.


More Doors


Carved Columns

These two heavily carved columns came to us from Montreal where they lived in a Westmount flat for over 25 years. Where they were before that, I don't know but does that matter? They scream "Look at me"!

Roughly 31"h x 13"w - $595/pr



Whether you strip them, paint them, wax them or leave them as they are, old windows make excellent mirrors - even if what they reflect makes no sense at all.

These are a few of the mirrors we have ready to go. Of course, you can pick your own window and DIY.

More mirrors


Londesborough Solid

One of two outstanding doors from a lonely house out of town. Not sure what to do with it but must have...


See the other door...


Metal Masters

Our good friends Robb and Ryan at Thak Ironworks are about to become famous.

Next Wednesday the 14th, their new show Metal Masters airs for the first time. You can watch some trailers on YouTube

We claim no responsibility for what happens on the show!


Cream Base Table

One of three tables we recently made for a client, this piece features a cast iron cream separator base with a thick salvaged pine top.

More Tables


Londesborough Demolition

Some shots of the most recent demolition - a spring delight.


Cast Iron Mirror Cluster

Here, you see three stove pipe grate frames dating from the 1870s.

We've scrubbed the rust off, waxed them and polished the wax to a shine that is as lovely to touch as it is to see.

Love the rope mould edge and the sunny rays!

Cast Iron Mirror

This detailed grate frame from 1890 has been scrubbed, waxed and buffed to within an inch of its life.

Then, we added a beveled mirror, took an artsy shot and posted it.

It's raining out and kind of quiet here, today.


Carved Columns

These columns are carved wood - probably from India and done in the 1950s. Not terribly old but terribly attractive!




"New" old Keys

Tilman, our cabinetmaker is back from Majorca, Spain with another handful of old keys.

Hand made by forging the steel, they are as individual as they are old!

$$20 ea


Dating from the later 19th and early 20th century, these padlock keys have hollow tips and intricate teeth to foil a would be thief.

$15 ea



Railway Cart Tables

I'm not sure where Scott came up with these but he extended the legs to make them coffee table height and - there you go!

38" x 24" x 18" - wrought iron with oak planks - early 20th c. Use them as they are or clean them up a bit - your choice.

$425 each


Grader Blade Table

I don't know where Scott found this beast of a metal plate from a road grader but etched in my mind are the many times I moved it out of my way. It's about 150 lbs of "I'm not budging"!

Strangely, now that he's used it for the top of this table, my suffering is eased, the birds sing and spring seems just around the corner.

Though it has yet to be topped with its glass, the form is undeniable.

62" x 16" x 32" - $1500

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Stall Dividers from the Royal Winter Fair


You can catch a glimpse of a stall divider in this picture of Chris, showing off his calves. Many have gone for table tops, headboards and, lately, stacked up one on top of the other for a sliding door.

The next picture shows a surprisingly different use!


Here you can see two of them, sanded and finished, then dangled from the ceiling as a foil to the robust dining table. Nice work, David.

What would you do?


Pillars of Society

Seems like spring is around the corner so we decided to corral a few porch like elements to appease the gods.



Cast Iron Door Sets

Dating to the end of the 19th Century, these two sensational door sets typify the splendor available to the average home owner at the time.

Originally copper plated and burnished to look aged, the finish, by the time we got them, was a little worse for wear. We cleaned them to the base metal and hand polished with bee's wax.

Almost a shame to put them back on a door!

Deco Copper Mail Slot

Vestige of an era we may soon forget, this heavy copper mail slot once graced the front door of a home in Detroit, c1930.

At almost 7" x 11", even if home mail delivery stopped, you'd be making a big statement!



Bard Door Sliders

A pretty little collection of something that is incredibly hard to find, lately.

These 4 sets of barn door hangers, which drop over the top of the door and bolt through, will work for any door up to 48" wide. We make the track according to your needs.

Hangers - these ones sold

Track - $20/foot



Early Spring Cleaning

We've been cleaning up. These are cutwork porch pieces in fantastic colour we found hidden in the back.

See what else we found...



Cast Acanthus Leaves

Once, we bought great piles of a cast iron building (c1890) from New York City.

These acanthus leaves - a bit bigger than your hand - featured at the top of the engaged columns and were but a minor element in a wildly detailed ensemble.

Now, rubbed with wax, they're like shells picked up from a distant beach.


Gothic Book Shelves

Two pretty shelves made from the scraps of a church demolition.

The bits were roughly handled and these pieces bear the signs of that distress but seem relieved in their new life.



More Shelves

Sickle Blade Headboard

Just picked up ... glad I got a photo of it before it went.

Finally, Scott has found a use for all those sickle mower blades he's collected over the years!

More Beds


Recent Doors



St Marys Double

St Marys Church

St Marys Dentil

More Front Doors


Hewn Beam Mantel

Instant Mantel.

It's mantel season and nothing says "get'r'dun" like a hand hewn beam put up just before guests arrive!
We have a good number of pine, 6" x 8" hewn beams from a local house dating to the 1850s.

Various lengths starting at $125 as is.

More Mantels

Heavy Pine Table

Scott had been saving some very wide board pine for just such a job.

More Tables


Arkona Front Door

Testament to the options of style, we've never had a door like this. Very different but striking.

Insert etched glass representations of your Mother-in-Laws and you're good to go!

35 3/4" x 83 3/4" -Sold

More Doors


A Sad Follow Up

We went back for some lumber that had been pulled out before the fire took the rest.



A Venerable Old Gal

Gone but never forgotten.

See More


Diamond Lozenge Headboard

We found some stylized panels below the windows in a house that came down about a year ago, somewhere near Petrolia. We thought they would make great headboards and told a bunch of people just that.

No one seemed to listen so we just made them up.

As often happens, they sold before they made it out of the workshop. At least, for now, they can be seen i the showroom until they're picked up.

More beds

Seven Foot Sliding Door

We just finished this really big door for a client who seems to have a lot to hide!

Mad from salvaged pine board, it will hang on rollers - exposed for all to see.

More Doors

More Custom Work


Attic Floor

Here's Mitch, back from the wilds of Alberta, holding an 18" wide hemlock board from the attic of a house outside of Atwood we recently salvaged.

Once the board and batten skin of some other building - perhaps the original house or an earlier barn - these boards served 100 years as flooring and are now ready to start another project!

Stout Rope

When was the last time you were able to use the word "stout" and not referring to beer nor politely describing your friend's blind date?

We have two lengths - each about 75 feet long - of this 1 3/4" diameter hemp rope. Not so good if you're a robber tying up your victim but perfect for big family tugs of war!



Bar To Be

Scott's just left to deliver this bar he made from two types of weathered barn board. On top, a platter of pine barn flooring. In the doors, a pair of tin ceiling he had hidden away for just such a need.

Scott's personal storage is like a mini-Artefacts ... even to me!

More Cupboards


Trestle Table

It's being picked up this afternoon so I thought I would get a shot out there before it goes.

The base is a combination of pine and elm beam pieces, the top hemlock granary boards.

A lovely bench with the same soft top accompanies the table.

Clinton Store Double Door

These doors once served as the entrance to a store in Clinton but were moved and used elsewhere for a time. That time has come again and you can play the game.

Roughly 47" x 95".

What have you got in mind?

More Doors


Carved Pine Fluted Pilasters

We haven't been able to buy a set of these for years - c1840s pilasters from a house in Michigan.

Four the same - roughly 90" tall and 18" at the widest.




Mr Kitten


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr Kitten, veteran of the past 6 winters at Artefacts.

Found in a Niagara swamp, nearing death, Mr Kitten brightened the lives of those around him. His swamp life never far away, he sought and collected every mud puddle he could find and, not being selfish, made free with the mud on clients' coats and pants as well as much of the showroom.

He will be missed by all but especially by his best friend, Shady Bill.



This Creature ...

is the brain child of one of our artisan friends, Robb Martin at Thak.

Sure, it's a cool little table but, there's something more.

... I see a spirit, vengeful and menacing, a tyrant and tormentor, able to exact its own pleasure, stopping at nothing!!!!!

I've named it ... Gerald.


Testament to Victorian Flair ...

Believe it of not, while there are some similarities in pattern, not one of these hinges (110 - 140 years old) matches another.

Now, what am I going to do?

More Hardware


Plant Stands

Some time ago, we converted a bunch of damaged newel posts and heavy porch spindles into small stands for plants, candles, seahorse statues, what have you...

Scott painted and distressed a few for the weekend.

... Dig out the seahorse!

$95 - $125


Masonic Hall Lamps

We found out about these years ago and finally managed to buy them yesterday. Six Deco hanging lamps from the Masonic Hall in Galt.

Perfect for your bar or kitchen - or start your own Masonic Lodge. Can you do that? Is that legal?


More Lighting


Emigrant Lock

A very rare find, this cast iron rim lock was made in 1858 and features a man (and his gun, of course), a woman, a horse, a dog, the covered wagon ...

and, because I like them, I'm pretty sure that's their pet cat jumping out of the top of the tree!

More Hardware


Victorian Hardware

One small part of a Victorian hardware collection we recently acquired. Decorative hinges galore, brass locks, embossed door plates and much more. Still have yet to dig in.

More Hardware



Before & After

We took a client's rickety flat to the wall and reworked it.

New foot, new cornice, restructured and stabilized.

Finally, we painted and distressed it so it will set off her collection Gretzky memorabilia and monster truck cards.

More Cupboards


Stall Dividers

Stall Dividers

We just acquired a number of these stall dividers from the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Made in the 1950s of heavy wood and framed in zinc, they would make amazing coffee table tops, cool garden gates or, for those so inclined, headboards.

Measuring 47" x 57" and , unfortunately, all sold.



24" Fir Doors

Okay, so these aren't so special but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find 24" x 80" doors -

and here are two!


Cog Table

Our latest console table was once a large casting pattern from a foundry in Hamilton, ON. Here, we've reversed on itself.

Once it formed a gear to drive the world, now it is reborn as Atlas with the world on it's back!


Office Cupboard

Scott just finished this striking piece for a client's home office.


Iron From North Africa

A great batch of heavy, wrought iron.


Blue Board Chalkboard

Two of my favourite bits put together - quarter inch thick slate from a school in Sarnia set inside this dry aged siding from a local barn - blue with hints of green and red.



A shot of Scott taking out the last chalkboard from a grade school in Simcoe.

3/8" thick and super heavy - we're getting too old for this.



Fan Shelf

Two fan brackets from a nifty house in London, ON come together to make this "Fan Shelf" which measures, roughly 66"w x 26"h.

Put it beside your claw foot tub to hold your tumbler of whiskey and those scented candles.


More Shelves


Spanish Keys

Tilman, our existentialist, German cabinet maker has recently returned from some (yearly) soul searching in Majorca.

This year, rather than fill his luggage with skimpy Euro briefs, he loaded up with really old keys dating from as early as the 17th century.

Come and get them while they're still hot ... from the Spanish sun.

$12 - $45



Console Table

This angle iron console features heavy pine planking pulled from a barn for the top and shelf.


We modified our original design for the customer by adding drawers and facing them with wood.

More Tables

Tile Maker's Moulds

Art tile moulds from a retired tile maker - strikingly visual and pregnant with potential energy.

Roughly 9" x 9" x 2" - Sold.


Door & Dog

A really cool door I can't find any place for in my house so, it's up for grabs. Stoic dog sold separately.

34 1/2 x 83 - Sold

Big Bucks for the dog (we reserve the right to change our minds).

We've added new doors to the site...

More Front Doors


Industrial Table

Scott found these pieces and had a vision. Thus was this table born. I think it's fantastic - trust me, I've been in some of his dreams and this is one of the more subtle concepts that have taken shape there!


New Shelves

Four new shelves recently hit the showroom.

More Shelves



A new collection of old things. Scott has hoarded bits for years and finally figured out what to do with them!



French Chandelier

We've had this piece hiding in the basement for ... about 10 years, I think.

A spectacular chandelier from France dating back about 90 years. The body and candle cups are turned pine, the arms wrought iron.



The previous photo's colours are off so that the image would stand out. Here is the proper colour of the chandelier.

42" across and about 30" high and holds 16 candles.



Cool Barn Door

The shots below show the various delights of a door we took from a barn a little before winter hit.

It runs on a wooden track and, if you can handle 56" x 86", this is the door for you!

Simple construction

The most amazing rollers

Elegant wrought pull

Just the thing


Gothic Shelf

I hung this shelf up last night, went home and dreamed of drinking blood. When I got up, I couldn't see myself in the mirror.

I think I'm better now but that Gothic era is hard on a guy.

More Shelves


Big & Beautiful

Just put this out on the floor. Salvaged barn flooring for the top on a simple wrought iron base.

46" x 56" x 16"

Sorry, this one's spoken for but we can do another, if you like.

More Tables


Another Beauty

Just on the floor today - and this one is still available! A cast iron flywheel from an old threshing machine on the bottom, 2" thick pine barn flooring banded in metal and, voila! 18" high x 42" wide.

More Tables


The mirror wall

It was dull today and this wall cheered me up.

Marble Bible

A rare find.



Hidden finds

Here are some recent discoveries from the deepest recesses of our shop.



Brown Board

The constant wear of food grain has softened these boards over time and now they're lovely to touch and even better to build with.

10" wide by 1" thick and around 6 feet long, these boards are selling for $22 each.

Grey Board

A rare find, these pine barn boards are surprisingly large and consistent. This one, typical of the bunch, measures 15" wide, 1" thick and 12 feet long.

$5 a board foot (1" x 12" x 12")

Barn Slider

Barn sliders are the rage lately and here is our most recent. Weathered board from a local barn reworked to 48" x 74", sanded and varnished. Hands off - this one was custom ordered.


Fabulous Fretwork

This one made us say "oooooo".


Pattern Console Table

Scott found these two foundry patterns and thought they'd look cool with this fragment of Chris' Grandfather's work bench. Seems he was right.

More Tables


Birch Bark Vanity

Our most recent cupboard features a body of salvaged, 1830s pine, a old barn flooring top and birch bark from the client's cottage.

More Cupboards


Wave Door

Isn't this pretty? In excellent condition though not recommended for exterior use.

More Doors



Three funky diamond cut shutters set into a frame and backed by some dimpled tin that once lined an elevator.

More Beds


Nifty Old Sign

Scott bought his one and only suit here ($5) and now he's got the sign!

48" x 30"

Wooden Grates

These wooden grates were made to replicate hard to find originals in cast iron. We found a large cache of unused pieces just dying for your ideas - or ours - garden gate grills, interior shutter panels, counter-top trivets, pasta strainers.

What would you do?

Prices range from $10 - $35 / panel



New Mirrors


This rough, multi-pane school window now adds a french flair!



Porch posts and barge trim make for a stunning view!

More Mirrors


Rare, East Lake door trim makes this mirror a one-of-a-kind!


This ranks as one of my favourite gables in as long as I can remember!


Hook Shelf

All the parts, yet to be put together. In the end, this shelf finished black rubbed back to a little red and looked fantastic!

More Shelves



You need one of these for naughty notes you can erase - sassy or classy, it's up to you.


More Tables


A cluster of tables we recently put together. The biggest is in oak from a barn near Millbank, ON while the medium sized ones are heavy pine from a horse barn floor. The legs on the two larger tables have been shaped from barn braces while the other three tables feature porch and stair spindles for legs.

Great Gothic doors

These two doors came from Brantford - a church, as you can guess, c 1865.

Heavily carved pine with a goodly amount of paint gives these doors an erie, aged look.

Roughly 33 x 80 each - sold

More Doors

Pine Harvest table

This robust table was made from salvaged pine barn flooring for the top with legs turned from braces in the same barn. The wear in the wood was hand sanded to retain as much texture as possible and then finished with many coats of spray lacquer.


More Tables


Painted Horse

We've been looking for a panel like this ever since we heard Dustin Hoffman wanted one - he got his some years ago, now it's our turn!

Paint on pine, c1900

36" x 48" - Sold


Industrial Artefacts

We found a cache of goodies in an old grist mill and are slowly hauling it over - we're guessing about 5 tonnes or more.

See More


Bronze Bank Doors

Oh, aren't these great? What an amazing entrance to a wine cellar these would make! The glass behind the grills opens on the other side.

37" x 83" - sold



Granary Boards

Fabulous boards we just picked up from a barn near Bright, Ontario. The one Scott is holding (average) is 2" thick, 19" wide and just under 12 feet long. What to do, what to do?


Original Hardware

Over the past few moths, we've collected a large quantity of early 20th century hardware which was sorted and cleaned of paint after which we dressed the original finish before coating with a few coats of lacquer. The result...we think is quite stunning.

More Hardware




Decorative Square Grate

I don't remember the last time we had such a pretty square grate.

Roughly 31" x 31" Sold

More Grates


Custom Cabinet

We recently finished and delivered this oversize cabinet to a cottage in the Muskokas. The doors came from Romania but the rest of the cabinet is local old growth pine and salvaged trim. This one-of-a-kind piece will never be repeated but there are any number of other parts to work with. What have you got in mind?

More Cupboards