Odds & Sods

Bits we have that defy too specific a category but are nonetheless good to know about!

Measuring 9" high, 6 1/2" wide and 2" thick, this piece bears tell tale signs of age making it all that more attractive.

Mable Bible

Beautiful and tactile - I find myself clutching this 120 year old marble bible to my chest.



The carved, German script on the back translates as "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."


We get all kinds of shutters - mostly from the exterior of a house - that can be used as dividers, cupboard fronts, head boards, letter holders, peak-a-boo stations or what have you.

A constantly changing suppply.

$15 - $95 each



You need one of these for naughty notes you can erase - sassy or classy, it's up to you.

We found the slate in a school recently demolished, cut it to various sizes and framed it in salvage pine board and door trim as we saw fit.

Priced from $185 - $395


Motel Chairs

These came from south of Detroit and are destined for the cottage. 1940s all the way.

$25 - $95 when we have them


Stove Tiles

We recently acquired these lovely stove tiles from Romania. Measuring about 8" x 9", they were fit together to form walls radiating heat in the corner of a room where the soft greens and art nouveau sunflowers combined to bring the garden into the home. You can have summer all year long!