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While we don't often find mirrors at our demolitions we do find much to make them from. Perhaps there is one to suit you.

As many of these have sold, use their style to craft another that suits your needs.


New Mirrors

Please use pricing as a guideline.

Cut from a very large vaulting truss in an Anglican church, this 24" diameter mirror has a robust quality


A handsome door is an even more handsome mirror.

What once adorned a 1920s Kitchener home now can let you know just how great you look on your way out to that fancy dress dust-up





The outer frame is 2" thick hemlock barn flooring. Inset, around the mirror is weathered hemlock for a lovely contrast.

$350 - $450

A slight transom window in its worn white paint, rubbed back and waxed.

Two trim mirrors with ornamental keystone accents - both roughly 22" x 48" .

A basement three light transom with its faded blue paint aged completely away at the bottom. Waxed.

The gothic top of a school house window in Elmira, ON (c1870). Stripped and varnished.


A six pane window from a local mennonite home (c1865). Stripped and varnished.

The top of a long window found in an industrial building in London, ON (c1890). Stripped and varnished.


A very pretty Queen Anne style mirror made from chip carved spindles and salvaged trim.


Porch posts and barge trim make for a stunning view!


Rare, East Lake door trim makes this mirror a one-of-a-kind!

One of our latest

This stunning mirror was based on a striking Queen Anne door we found around which we fitted salvaged trim.

The textural qualities of the door's finish were replicated in the added pieces...

as was the strong styling inherent in the door's molding.



Door Knob Mirror

This one's fun! Three glass door knobs for hanging coats reflect the light and carry the theme of the mirror beyond its normal scope. We have a few different designs like this already made but you could come up with your own.



Over Mantel Mirror - Sold

Cast Iron Ring - $225

Cherub Mirror - Sold

Stove Pipe Grate Mirror - $225

Piano Mirror


Beam Skin Mirror - Sold

Multi Gothics -Sold

Carved Rosette


Tin - Sold


Playbill -Sold

Ellipse $225

Quatrefoil -Sold

Rococo - Sold

Rosette Sold

Segmented Arch - Sold

Tall Black - Sold

Cast Iron Frame $150

Screen Door -Sold

Long Thin - Sold


Urn - Sold


Many of our mirrors are made to order. If you have a special request, let us know.