While we do get lighting from time to time - mostly from the demolitions we do, sometimes it comes to us. Here is a recent cache of lamps and shades that were stored in the attic of a Waterloo house since 1969.

The fellow was an electrician and took it upon himself to clean and rewire the lamps before socking them away for whatever reason. We'll never know but, what we do know is that we have a great collection of 1920s - 60s lighting.

Come and see.


Floral Deco

A striking deco lamp for your stair hall.



Triple Swag

Pretty in the kitchen.

4 Shade

Madonna would love this one.

Triple Hexagon

More fine the closer you look.

French Balloon

Not sure why but, do you know what I mean?

Two Hall Lamps

Two More Hall Lamps

Torch Sconce

two ceiling lamps

two more ceiling lamps


Other Lighting

Masonic Hall Lamps

We found out about these years ago and finally managed to buy them yesterday. Six Deco hanging lamps from the Masonic Hall in Galt.

Perfect for your bar or kitchen - or start your own Masonic Lodge. Can you do that? Is that legal?



A True Chandelier

This amazing piece holds 16 candles and hails from early 20th century France.

Wow the neighbours!


Rope Mould Sconce

We have two of these.



Gothic Church Light

We have three of these. Woodstock, c1955

Shaded Sconce

We have two of these, too.


Star Sconces

We have three of these.



REally Big Gothic Light

You only need one of these.

Barn Lamps

Two at about 5 feet long.