Interior Trim


Over the years, Artefacts has amassed great quantities of interior trim. This is not to say we have what you need to do your whole house - perhaps not even a whole room for that matter - but we do have a large variety of ogee (asymetrical) and astrigal (symetrical) mouldings as well as corner blocks known and rare.

Most of the trim pieces are priced per foot while the corner and base blocks are individually priced. Prices are based on condition, size, style and material.

Astrigal - $2-6/running foot

Ogee - $2-8/running foot

Corner Blocks and Base Blocks - $5-$35 ea



The long view. The trim is sorted and denailed.

So many choices!

Ash, oak, walnut, chestnut, pine, fir, sycamore...


A wonderful variety, many of these pieces are picked up purely as ornaments.