Industrial Artefacts



Clean lines, practical. Relics from our Industrial past are becoming the norm in everyday decor. From the living room to the garden, strange and unusual devices are being transformed for every day use or as sculptural accents. Have a look below for additions to your life.


Industrial Windows

These came in while Chris was camping in Algonquin Park. Due to the rain, Chris looks a bit rusty like these windows but, in both cases, there's still plenty of life left in them.




Lamp Shades

Above your kitchen island, your pool table, work bench - whatever. These shades set the tone.


Wooden Grain Auger

These are cool! Don't know quite what to do with them but they're so intriguing we just had to have them.


Fly Wheels

Some are cast iron, some wood, some are small, some big, some heavy, some ... well, they're all pretty heavy.


Shop Carts

These come and go. If you are interested, send us an email and we will put you on the list.


Designed to elevate grain, these would be perfect hung on the wall for change, paper clips, marbles or ... put some soil in and have apartment style bonsai plantings!



This is just the right height for a work station in the kitchen. Whether you keep the back splash in place or not, the sturdy, clean lines make you want to work at it!


Man Size Meccano Tools - these are in an oversize wheelbarrow!