We're finding things we forgot we had and putting them out for the sale. Here is just a taste.


A "date stone" so to speak from a barn in southern Ontairo we've had hiddne for, oh...20 years.


A cast iron stove pipe grate we had sqirrelled away. Now, scrubbed, waxed and outfitted with a bevelled mirror, it has a whole new life!


The fretwork is old but new to us. It's leaning against what was once some wainscot we had floating around that is now a queen size headboard. Just right for you?



Licence plates from the vault - not even Scott is this old!


Fish scale tin shingles Scott had saved for years and now has let go. They're mounted on silvered barn board we recently salvaged.


Another early cast iron grate Chris had packed out of view. Sometimes you just have to let things fall from your clutches.