Artefacts Custom Gates

Some of the more popular creations at Artefacts are the garden gates that Krista puts together. Her secret is the best combination of door, grill and form. Each door is as individual as the pieces she chooses and have been the inspiration for many a garden theme!


Krista starts with a simple board door we've found in a basement or back room of a demolition. Her selection is based on colour (the more out of the way, often the older the finish), wear (some exterior doors can seem 500 years old!)and suitable size (not all doors will work).

Next comes the selection of a piece to form the grill. Her favourite choices are unusual floor grates but have ranged from manhole covers and horse stall dividers to Argentinean fence sections and brass woven fireplace screens!


The two elements are brought together to form these unique and one-of-a-kind garden focal points.


Lazy Arched Gate

Elphick Gate

Devonshire Gate

Devonshire Gate


Prices range from $295 depending on the original items selected. These are one-of-a-kind pieces so, when they sell, they're gone. We usually have more doors and grills to work with so come up with your own design and have Artefacts make it for you or take the pieces home and do it yourself!


If metal is your thing, we also make gates from window guards, fencing and other bits and pieces. Here are some shots of recent creations.


Arched Iron Gate

Heavy wrought iron from Egypt now forms this lovely gate. 36w x 58h



Gothic Gate

We found these cast iron panel as part of a fence from London, ON, c1875. 36w x 36h


Philadelphia White Gate

Very elegent cast and wrought iron fencing from Philadelphia, c1860. 36w x 41h



St Louis Iron Gate

This lovely fanwork iron was a window guard in St Louis, MO and is now surrounded by wood salvaged from a school house in Baden, ON. 42w x 43h


We carry many other pieces of iron in all sizes for this sort of use. Come in and select something that tickles your fancy and we will make the necessary adjustments for you!

Iron Spear Gate

Another St Louis iron panel with gothic points bordered by 1860s pine from a Baden school house. 38w x 46h