Front Doors

If windows are the soul of the house, it can be said that the front door is the personality. Once the quick glance at a house is over, we tend to focus on the front door - it is our first introduction to the home and those who live there. Whether flamboyant, dignified, eclectic, subtle or in-you-face, a good front door will make a lasting impression.

The current rage for metal doors and their thermal quality has turned sour the visage of some fine homes. Here are some examples of what has been and what can be again. While more care must be taken to ensure weather seal with a wood door, it can be effectively achieved. Add the intrinsic value of an original antique and you and your home can stand proudly to face the world!



Newer - Old Doors


Welcome - to my little loft space


Not too many homes will have the room to house this set at roughly 68" x 120" x 1 3/4". Made from pine with pattern etched glue chip glass featuring a stylized fleur-de-lis, these doors once served an office space in downtown Toronto, c1880.

Delicate, despite their size and in great condition. Sold.


Holy Moly


These doors are as sensational as they are heavy! Solid oak and stained glass from 1890s Toronto in superior condition.

54" x 99" x 2 1/4". Sold.



I Said Pretty

and Mithcell thought I was talking about him.

One of two matching front doors that just arrived roughly 34" x 82". Sold.





Downton Penguin Door

Not so much an allusion to the bird as the tasteful formality that comes with evening wear. This proud door and its high drama are softened by age and cracking.

I'd love to enter this door every day.



In Your Face

It doesn't come across as well in the photo as it does in person but this door will not be denied - whether it's the heavy trim details or the preposterous colour someon thought they should paint it.



For those of you that aren't shy, here's a door with plenty of exposure.

Smile and wave.



Mamma's Apron

I don't quite know why but that's what I think of when I see this door - summer breezes, bowls of cherries at the back porch and mamma's smiling face when, for once, I haven't been bad.




New Doors - Old Doors

A smattering of the new arrivals.



Dynamic Duo

Them's mighty powerful doors - just in from a house c1870 near Green Briar, ON. Roughly 60" x 84".



The Homiest Door

There's something about this door that screams "Mom and home baked Pie. I expect is the quilted panels; perhaps the pale blue tone. Then again, it could be that I'm just hungry and too lazy to get myself anything.


Less Than Meets The Eye

A handsome door, to be sure but don't let the elegant glass fool you. It's silicone and yours to do with as you will.






First Doors of the Spring

Very Pretty with some minor repair.



Not so solid anymore but striking, nonetheless.



Solid and striking - just what you want in a man ... ah, door.



A bit thin for an exterior door but how about the pantry?



Rougher than you wanted but willing to change.



Marsala - the colour of the year, I'm told.



Your unpopular but steadfast friend from elementary school.




Grays Double Doors

The best part of an otherwise frightening house, these doors are in need of some TLC but will definitely come around.

Scott, also in need of some TLC is not necessarily a safe bet.



Wellesley Front Door

If you're looking for a top notch, late Victorian front door, you can't go wrong here.

While many a wood grain paint finish looks little better than thin mud slapped on a door, whomever finished this door had reasonable skill. Even better, this door has lived a protected life and is in excellent condition. It won't stay here long.

33 1/2" x 82" - Sold


Clinton Store Double Door

These doors once served as the entrance to a store in Clinton but were moved and used elsewhere for a time. That time has come again and you can play the game.

Roughly 47" x 95".





Alvinston Entrance


This entrance is in excellent condition. It was protected by a closed in porch for the last 80 years so it has just the right quality of aged patina. The main body is 15d x 58w x 105h (roughly) but the trim on the inside expands that to 70 x 111.


The finish inside and out is painted wood grain that could be left as is if it suits your style. The sill is oak.

Although appearing to be newer, the piece dates from the 1880s.



More Entrances

This Italianate entrance was recently removed from a house near Poole Ontario and dates from the 1860s. Note the strong lines and bold presence typical of the period.

The second shot shows the interior in an early grained finish. The molding is missing from the outside of the sidelights but can be replaced.

Roughly 70"w x 105"h and 8"d



This double door set was the first thing you saw on a house outside of Strathroy but had been disused for quite some time now. The house dated to the late 1890s as can be seen by the confident Queen Anne styling.

The transom has gone missing and probably had a lovely piece of stained glass but we may never know.

Roughly 58w x 110h x 8d






Carved Italianate

I'm not sure what to say about this other than, this is the most exciting door I've seen in a long time. Take a close look, it speaks for itself. Romania.

Roughly 36 x 77 (door)



The Wave

The latest of a series of Romanian double doors we've had over the years, these rank as the coolest and the best conditioned among them.

The jamb measures 52 1/2" x 91 1/2"



Bronze Bank Doors

Oh, aren't these great? What an amazing entrance to a wine cellar these would make! The glass behind the grills opens on the other side.

37" x 83" - Sold


Elmira Gothic

It's hard to find a gothic door but even harder to find one with its jamb.

Trim to trim - 44 x 98



Testament to the options of style, we've never had a door like this. Very different but striking.

Insert etched glass representations of your Mother-in-Laws and you're good to go!

35 3/4" x 83 3/4" - Sold


Red Glass Queen Anne

There is something quintessentially Victorian about red flash glass (made by adding gold to the glass) and this door from Goderich meets the criteria .

35 3/4 x 81 3/4


Fergus Door

This pretty, little door showed up a few weeks ago and just surfaced from the back of a pile. At less than 32 x 80, it's a bit smaller than most exterior doors but the details are adequately scaled and make for a neat package.

31 1/2" x 80" - Sold

Londesborough Solid

One of two outstanding doors from a lonely house out of town. Not sure what to do with it but must have...

33 3/4" x 81 1/2" - Sold

Londesborough Glazed

Beautiful colour, striking style. Hard to say more.

33 3/4" x 81 3/4" - Sold

Woodstock Italianate

Wow! What a great door. This was the front door of a house outside of Woodstock, On. The rest of the house had been butchered but this and a few other doors had been spared the humiliation.

While the glass is damaged, the rest of the door is in excellent shape and comes with an Aesthetic movement, brass knob set.



Oak Double Doors

When we got this lovely pair, they were painted a milk chocolate brown belying their quality. Now the exposed wood reveals the vigor and richness of an oak grain - a rare find in exterior doors!

Roughly 52 x 90 - Sold

London Oak

Heavy in style and body, this lovely oak door is an unusual find for us. A mixture of Arts & Crafts and late Queen Anne, this high waisted piece features a cut glass window and decorative brass hardware.

35 3/4 x 81 1/2



Tavistock Entrance

A beautiful doorway, recently removed from an 1890 farm house outside of Tavistock, ON.

Mustard and olive tones in dry, aged paint compliment the subtle details found on the outside while the interior is faux painted by what was a skilled hand.

If not a doorway, then a piece of art! $3000


Clifford Door

Softer lines on this door make it a little more approachable than some of our more dramatic Queen Annes but this door is still robust and in great shape.

32" x 79 3/4" - Sold

Kitchener Door

Handsome. If this door had beveled glass, I'd swoon. Safe for now!

33 1/2" x 83" - c1930


Brown Queen Anne

Stately at one time, this door has seen some better days but still has plenty of life left in it with some repairs.




Arched Double

Aren't these fun! Imagine inviting your friends in through these or accessing your your wine storage. Heavy carved pine from Romania.

43 x 83 - Sold

Door & Dog

A really cool door I can't find any place for in my house so, it's up for grabs. Stoic dog sold separately.

34 1/2 x 83 - Sold

Big Bucks for the dog (we reserve the right to change our minds).



I don't remember where we got these doors - which actually kind of sad given how "demonstrative" they are.

This one features a rolled Florentine glass in yellow to brighten up your day.

33 3/4 x 81 - $450

???? 2

Same as the other one but regular glass. Either it's perfect for the cottage or needs to be over painted in deep red with black shadows.


Bottle Glass

Unfortunately cut down, this door still makes its presence known. Haven't decided to like the glass or not...

33 3/4 x 78


Gold & White Dentil

Not the most exciting but a fine door, nonetheless.

34 x 82


Stripped Queen Anne

A pretty door ready to be repainted or varnished as you see fit.

33 3/4 x 82


Mustard Italianate

What is it about these doors that evokes serenity? Is it the double cowl of the monks walking side by side along a gravel path or the raised hand giving a "peace sign"?

34 3/4 x 81 1/2


Green Double

One big door, one smaller one for those awkward openings. Have you ever noticed the spelling for awkward is a little awkward?

Roughly 47 x 84 3/4


Light Queen Anne

This door is interior thickness but would look really good as a storm door, shed door or office door!

33 1/4 x 81 3/4


Fergus Front Door

A pretty Queen Anne door from Fergus that came in late last fall from a barn storage. Typical late Victorian details and a nice big piece of glass.

33 3/4 x 81 1/2



Needlepoint Diamond

This is a fabulous door - and it's been stripped!

33 3/4 x 79 3/4


Tavistock Arched Door

So often, doors are overstated, elaborate, stepping up and saying "How are ya?".

This one says "Welcome".

33 x 81 1/2


Walnut Vestibule Double

From a fine Home in Woodstock, ON, these oversize doors will require some TLC but will look so fantastic in the end it will all be worth it.

55 1/2 x 106 1/2


Walnut Double

These are the doors in front of the Walnut Vestibule Doors and have a completely different look to them. Again, oversize but not afraid to strut their stuff!

56 x 111



Another great door - a big, meaty Queen Anne (do you think Queen Anne would like me saying 'meaty'?).

36 x 88


Red Queen Anne

Don't let this door fool you. There's a lovely chip carving in the lower panel that is obscured by the thick paint just waiting to be discovered.

36 x 81 3/4



Red & White Door

I often consider whether a door is one I would like to walk through every day on my way to the garden and this one fits the bill.

34 x 82


Late Italianate

This door is bold and beautiful as well as big and heavy. What a great entrance to your business!

35 3/4 x 83 3/4


White Lozenge Queen Anne

This is my favourite door just now. I love the tracery, the long light and the lozenges.

34 x 83 1/2



These are but a sampling of our doors. They come and go quickly so please feel free to email with us regarding availability and new arrivals.