From time to time, we come across good stocks of flooring.

Usually pine, usually from 5" - 10" wide and 1 1/4" thick.



Millbank Flooring

Pine flooring, ranging in width from 5" - 7" from a chaming old house near Millbank.

800 square feet.


Simply built in the 1850s, everything from this house was gone but the flooring.

Clear pine, all denailed.

The best part of the job - the chain saw!


Green Briar Flooring

Pine flooring from a very pretty house near Green Briar, ON.

700 square feet - 5" wide x 1 1/4" thick


Big and beautiful, this house would have made a statement in it's day (c 1870s)

This gives you a good sense of what the finished flooing looks like.

This portion was never painted.