answers to questions you didn't even know you had.


How long is it?

It's been 34 years since Scott cobbled together an idea with a few good sources and picked St Jacobs as our home.  Though much has changed over the years, the concept is still the same - quality salvage and its creative re-use.

Are you the guys who used to be downtown?

Yes, we opened in what is now Block 3 Brewing but we pushed the walls out until there was no more room. About 15 years ago, we moved to our new, larger location on Isabella St.

Why are some piece marked "NFS"?

It means "not for sale".  Admittedly, we have a problem but we're getting better - according to long time clients who used to refer to us as the "Not For Sale Store". 

Why are you closed Monday and Tuesday?

We're not, really. We reserve those days for demolitions, deliveries and installations. We're often at the shop on Mondays and Tuesdays - call and you'll find out or set up an appointment.

What do people do with this stuff?

What don't they do? While many of our salvaged finds are put back to their original purpose, many more are given new life as something completely unintended - a door as a headboard, a newel post as a plant stand, a pair of brackets become a wall-mounted desk. The possibilities are nearly endless.

So, people just give it to you, right?

No. We buy from demolition companies, antique dealers, pickers, civil servants, television stars, off duty police officers, your neighbours and sometimes you.

How many cats have you had?

There was Darwin at the beginning along with a wild cat and several of her litters before she moved on. Then came Steve, a wild cat that just moved in and made himself at home - not the most friendly but loyal. After Steve, there were two orange kitties who spent most of their time chasing each other through Riverworks, next door. They had to go. Lucy was next but she was so tiny, we think someone just picked her up and took her home. Overlapping most of these was Cleo - an import who refused to move on - we think she was about 23 in the end. Shady Bill has the dual distinction of longest lasting shop cat and most behaved. Before he died in February 2015, he shared his bed with Mr Kitten and the upstart Fergus - snow birds from Chris' parents farm.

Now Elsie is Queen of the digs.

Glad you asked?


Shady Bill

Mr Kitten


Shady and Mr Kitten




What's all that noise in the back?

That's our workshop. We not only repair, restore and refinish any of our pieces upon request but much of it is made into custom designed furniture of all sorts - more tables that can be described, headboards, vanities, kitchen islands, mirrors, shelves and the list goes on.

What's that woman doing back there?

That's Margaret, she was our cabinet maker. It's out luck she gave up being a journeyman electrician (journey woman?) to pursue cabinetry. Why she gave up bee keeping, you'll have ask her.

Sadly, Margaret has ?retired? and is now producing sassy bags using salvaged material. Check her out ...



Is that Scott guy for real?


Much of the time, no but, if you catch him at the right time - like on a long drive, you find this fellow lurking in there.

This fellow, retired about 15 years ago but it took him until this June to leave. You can follow his latest exploits here ...



Have you seen that show Canadian Pickers?

No. What's that? Is it good?

Where's the train station?

It's that big building next door.