one of the most requested custom designs is the headboard and here are a few examples of what you might like to see.

Barn Board Bed

That's easy to say three times fast but people around you will get really annoyed.

If you're lucky, you'll get sent to your room where you can hang out with your nifty headboard! This one is sold but we could make you another - $525.


Diamond Lozenge Headboard

We found some stylized panels below the windows in a house that came down about a year ago, somewhere near Petrolia. We thought they would make great headboards and told a bunch of people just that.

No one seemed to listen so we just made them up.

As often happens, they sold before they made it out of the workshop. At least, for now, they can be seen i the showroom until they're picked up




We made this simple, pine wainscot panel into an elegant back rest.

This king size headboard started off as an interior fretwork from a hotel in Sarnia, c1890.

The headboard has been created using the lower half of two front doors from Romania, framed in salvaged door trim and overpainted.

Once a piano face, this lovely carving now helps someone slip into a good dream.

Three funky diamond cut shutters set into a frame and backed by some dimpled tin that once lined an elevator.

This panel came from a pretty little church in Brodhagen. We trimmed it to queen size and hung it with a french clete.